Coree Beijing Wins Gold Prize for Yijiayi B420 Probiotics Package Design at the 2023 German Design Award

Coree Beijing has been awarded the gold prize in the category of packaging design in the Excellent Communication Design at the 2023 German Design Award.

Beijing Medi’Care Hosted the “Bethune Healthy Family Action Plan”— public health campaign for children

On April 1, to celebrate the arrival of spring and support children’s healthy growth, Beijing Medi’care teamed up with Shaanxi Zhongxin Medical Supermarket Chain Co., LTD. and Shaa...

Back to School Calcium Supplement for Kids, Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablets

A good calcium supplement may support your child’s growth and development because calcium is an essential nutrient for growth and development.

Ofmom Newly Upgraded Mengguaiguai Baby Formula

Ofmom, an infant healthcare company, announced the launch of the upgraded Mengguaiguai Baby Formula.

Sanita U-ZA Launched Citron Liquid Laundry Soap for Infants and Toddlers

Sanita U-ZA, a baby cleaning products brand, has launched the Sanita U-ZA Citron Liquid Laundry Soap for Infant and Toddlers.

Ofmom launches New Synteract Probiotics Drops to Support Baby’s Intestinal Health

SynterAct Probiotics Drops is designed to help babies shape a healthy intestinal microbial ecosystem and strengthen the immune system.

Protect Your Baby’s Intestinal Health with Ofmom Baby Formula Mate

Ofmom, a maternal and infant healthcare company, launched the Baby Formula Mate.

COREE Beijing Acknowledged for Outstanding Product Designs with the GDA and Good Design 2022

Yijiayi B420 Probiotics and Sanita Denti Infant and Kid Toothpaste has been nominated for the awards, respectively.

Life Ofmom Builds a Healthy Maternal & Child Health Ecosystem

With the emergence and rapid development of digital healthcare services, every aspect of healthcare services, including daily healthcare, is transforming to be more digitized.