Meng Guaiguai
Series Formila

Keep Your Baby’s Intestinal Flora in The Best Shape With Prebiotics The Same Way as Breast Milk Does.

Functionally similar to breast milk

Mengguaiguai is made with lactulose (a prebiotic) that helps the growth of bifidobacterium (a probiotic), which is abundant in breast milk and plays important roles in the composition of intestinal flora and infant’s immune system. Our formula also has nutrition designed for vision and brain development and healthy infant development.

Prebiotics + Probiotics
· Lactulose
· Bifidobacterium
Healthy Nutrients
· Choline
· Taurine
· Lutein
· Vitamin A acetate

Italian Premium
Liquid Formula

Bolognese Ofmom, Our Closest Liquid
Formula to Breast Milk.

Nourish your child in the same way as a mother
who is Breastfeeding does.

Bolognese Ofmom infant formula provides your child with the nourishment in the same way as a mother nourishes her new born. It uses high-quality fresh milk from Italy as the main material. It is free from contamination and concerns on the ratio of milk when fixing baby formula, as it is ready-to-feed type.

Key nutrients for infant growth
· Taurine
Intestinal health

Series Formula

Vitalize and Line The Stomach of Your Baby.

The healthier the gut, the higher nutrients intake

Runermei formula vitalizes and lines the stomach of your baby with the nutrients needed to keep your baby healthy and strong. It contains prebiotics combination of GOS (galacto-oligosaccharide) and LcFOS (long-chain polyfructose) to enhance your baby’s intestines.

5 main nutrients in breast milk
· Protein
· Fat
· Carbohydrate
· Vitamins
· Minerals
Key nutrients for infant growth
· Choline
· Taurine

Series Formula

Healthy Early Nutrition for Healthy Growth.

The Four Key Nutrients for Infant Growth and Development

Zhuoyi formula provides advanced nutrition for your baby’s growth and development. It has been chosen and trusted by Chinese mothers for over 30 years. It is formulated with an OPO structure so that the fat composition is similar to Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and triglycerides found in breast milk.

Four key nutrients
· Taurine
· Choline
Nutrients in breastmilk
· OPO structure
· α-lactalbumin
· nucleotide

More in-depth research on breast milk

Breast milk is an important source of nutrition for babies. It contains a variety of antibodies and nutrients that benefit your baby’s immune system.

We at Ofmom put “similar to mother’s milk” at the core of our brand value with an emphasis on the function and importance of breastfeeding. We used Italian high-quality raw milk and blend Nutri-balance™ to bring a balanced nutrition to your baby. It will also boost beneficial intestinal bacteria and stimulate the intestinal movements in your baby. The triple-packaging of the products will completely prevent the nutrients from infection for the safety.

Ofmom’s Research & Development

Backed by the research on breast milk conducted by the Institute for Infants in Italy and the abundant research experience in intestines by Mamiai, Ofmom developed a formulation of Nutri-balance™ to bring a balanced nutrition to your baby based on the development stage.

In cooperation with Gemelli General Hospital, one of the top medical institutions in Italy, Ofmom established the world’s first mother-and-child biobank to enhance maternal and child health. By analyzing genetic samples collected from more than 3,500 pregnant women and newborns, we have been studying the effects of fetal gut microbiome genetic information on the growth and health of the fetus.

In addition, over the past few years, Ofmom has built its own big data database through collaboration with medical organizations around the world, committing to constantly conducting R&D to improve maternal and child health based on Ofmom AI and logic-based technologies.

Ofmom Dairy

Founded in 2004, Ofmom Dairy specializes in manufacturing food products including infant formula, dairy products, and solid beverages. It is the first production facility in China that introduced European TGE production technology and equipment sets. All production facilities apply the GMP standards, and its total annual output capacities reach 15,000 tons. In Bashang, Inner Mongolia, where the factory is located, the average summer temperature is 17.4 ℃, and the altitude is 1,300 meters above sea level, which is an optimal environment for dairy production.

The TGE process, one of the world’s most innovative technologies, uses wet methods to produce powdered milk. It distributes nutrients more evenly in the formula in the process of changing powdered milk into liquid-type. During pasteurization, it only keeps the healthy nutrients and destroys harmful bacteria from milk.