Ofmom Baby
Formula Mate

A healthy maintained gut determines your child’s future development.

Early gut health, crucial for the growth and development

The infancy is when the early gut microbiome is established, which is crucial for a child’s intestinal health as it modifies the growth and development, metabolism and the immune system. Ofmom Baby Formula Mate contains the combination of 3 safe strains (HN001 + HN019 + M-16V) that infants and toddlers can take, making it safer and more effective than other single strain products.

Synteract™ BIMBI
Live Probiotics

Synteract™ Bimbi, a multi-strain probiotic that reaches the gut alive and maintains the health of our children.

Maximizes its benefit with food.

Synteract™ BIMBI, backed by research and development in the intestinal health of infants, it provides beneficial effect on infant’s intestinal health. By blending with multi-strains, it enhances its probiotics performances, comparing with that of single strain. It also maximizes its probiotic action when taken with other food.

Meng Guaiguai
Series Probiotics

Meng Guaiguai uses only the highest-quality strains to keep a healthy balance of bacteria in our children’s gut.

Gut health: the foundation of a healthy life

As 70% of your immune cells are located in the gut, a healthy gut is vital to keep your immune system healthy. To maintain a healthy gut, you need to improve your gut bacteria by taking active and healthy probiotics. When choosing a probiotic supplement, what counts the most is the strain. The Meng Guaiguai series only uses high-quality strains, including BB-12. BB-12 is an animal-based Bifidobacterium, which has the most validated data in the world. It has conducted clinical trials on humans more than hundreds of times.

Yijiayi PRO

Your Family’s Lifelong Probiotics Supplement

Probiotics for the whole family

In our “gut", harmful bacteria absorb the nutrients we eat and produce toxins─chemicals that can end up damaging your internal ecosystem and health. Therefore, you need to balance out the ecosystem that is composed of numerous microbiomes in your gut to maintain your health. Yijiayi Pro focuses on survival rates of probiotics to make sure it reaches the gut alive. It also uses the strains of DuPont Danisco, one of the world's three largest probiotic companies with over 90-year experience.

—The fiorenzuola Probiotics Research Center

Research and development of lactic acid bacteria

Based on over 50 years of experiences in pharmaceutical industry, we at Ofmom are committed to research into intestinal health of infants to develop products that benefit infant’s health. The Piacenza Probiotics Research Center, founded by Professor Lorenzo Morelli in Italy, has been working on a care solution projects for Asian babies’ intestinal health by researching and developing of intestinal beneficial bacteria.

Safe and effective

Ofmom’s probiotics blend selected strains (HN001 + HN019 + M-16V), which have improved synergistic effects than a single strain has. Also, it doesn’t occur antagonistic reaction and has better survival rates in the intestines.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001
It stimulates the immune system of our children's intestines, strengthens immunity, and reduces the incidence of allergies in children.
Bifidobacterium lactis HN019
It plays a beneficial role in the intestinal bacterial and microbial environment of infants by modulating the immune system, improving digestion, and regulating the intestinal flora.
Bifidobacterium breve M-16V
It helps to build and improve the nutrient metabolism system of the intestinal flora of infants and young children, and promotes the synthesis of folic acid and other B vitamins in the body.