Lim Sung-ki, the chairman of
the global Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group established ‘Lim Sung-ki Pharmacy’
in 1967, in Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea.

With the dream of making Korea the leader in pharmaceuticals, he established Hanmi Pharmaceutical in 1973, and dedicated 48 years of his life to the health of the nation and the wider world.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical continued to research for many successful years and released numerous pharmaceutical products. In 1983, through research collaboration with Dr. Brochu, he made a great achievement in the field.

When chairman Lim Sung-ki visited China in the 1980s, he found that there were no intestinal drugs for children in the Chinese drug market. Therefore, he established Hanmi Pharmaceutical Beijing in 1996 to promote children's health in China and had been developing new drugs for digestive disorders and heart disease, antibiotics, and anticancer drugs.

The company launched the ‘Mamiai’ brand that develops intestinal drugs for children, and now has become the number one brand in China for intestinal drugs for children. It is also the most verified and the most prescribed probiotics product in the world.

In 2005, after years of collaboration with hospitals for newborns and medical staffs across the United States, Europe, and Asia, we launched a variety of products and foods for newborns and mothers, including the Ofmom brand.

Starting from children's intestinal health, we at Ofmom are continuing to present a constant vision for family health and well-being through sustainable and innovative products, services, and researches. Putting us at the center of healthcare, we will strive to create a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that will ensure better health and well-being for all.


LIFE Ofmom

Your partner dedicated to promoting
your baby’s health from birth

The brand name “Ofmom” is composed of “of” and “mom”, referring to the maternal and health care by the mother and of the mother. It contains all those about the love, the caring heart and the sincerity of a mother.

Also, the first syllable of the brand name—“O” sounds like when a baby first babbles to a mother.
Ofmom is a brand created to be part of the very first
interaction between a mother and her baby and grow together with them.

We at Ofmom aim to assist you at every step in the mother–infant interactions. Our product is as sincere as the heart of a mother.

Ofmom— “Love of Mom, Ofmom”



Great journey, Great Companion

Our wide range of research work using the most pioneering technology is dedicated to better people’s health and well being


Mother & child and beyond

To build a world where mothers and infants receive the best maternal and health care services.

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful and fantastic things in the world, but it can be a lonely and tough journey. You may feel an endless exhaustion after late night feedings or concerns over a sudden illness. Still, your love toward your baby will always sustain you throughout the motherhood.

Ofmom will be your best companion to get you through in every step of your mothering journey.

Our Value


Ofmom R&D centers aim to

provide innovative products with strong scientific

background, as well as to improve production process across every product line such as infant formula, nutritional

products, probiotics and skin care.

Health Companion

With the collaboration of the best doctors and scientists in the world, Ofmom is constantly developing the best products and health services for mother & child and beyond.

Science Research

R & D centers are dedicated to integrating innovative ingredients and advanced technology to produce high standard products in cooperation with suppliers and research partners. In addition, Ofmom has been participating in clinical trials/research to verify the safety and efficacy of each product.