Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to children's language delays

In a recent prospective study published in the journal Pediatric Research, researchers investigated the effect of acetaminophen, an analgesic considered safe during pregnancy, on language development in children. They found that an increased use of acetaminophen during pregnancy is potentially associated with language development issues in children.

If you're pregnant, eating well is a blessing? It could ruin your son's health

Recent research by the University of South Australia indicates that maternal obesity during pregnancy significantly affects the postnatal health of the fetus. According to the study, conducted by researchers in Australia, excessive weight gain during pregnancy increases the risk of metabolic complications in the fetus (male) after birth, including liver disease and diabetes.

C-section delivery women are less likely to become pregnant afterwards

The research findings indicate that women who have undergone a cesarean section have a lower short-term pregnancy rate and a higher risk of infertility compared to women who have given birth through natural delivery. Short-term pregnancy rate refers to the likelihood of becoming pregnant within one month or one menstrual cycle.

Immediate Body Contact With Parents Helps Preemie Newborns Thrive

Having mom or dad hold their preemie baby against their own skin immediately after birth appears to help the infants in their development months later, new research shows.

"physical activity and sleep time decrease during pregnancy, there is a risk of premature birth"

Studies have shown that physical activity and reduced sleep time during pregnancy are associated with the risk of premature birth.