Is It really Healthy or Is It just a Fake Gimmick? What has been substituted for

In recent years, sugar control and anti-sugar have become a new trend of health. Studies have found that the reduction of sugar intake is beneficial to weight loss, skin care, health and so on. However, sugar control is a torment for the carboholic.

Choline Supplementation during Pregnancy Can Better Promote the Development of Fetal Brain and Nerve

Studies confirm that choline is an important substance for the development of baby’s brain tissue and nerve. Mothers should pay attention to the supplement of choline from the beginning of pregnancy to after the childbirth to provide adequate nutrition for brain and nerve development of the baby.

Dietary Fiber Can Effectively Relieve Constipation during Pregnancy by Regulating Intestinal Flora

Dietary fiber is known by the public for its functions in strengthening intestinal peristalsis to promote defecation and enhance weight loss. In addition, as the most overlooked "seventh macronutrient", dietary fiber can also regulate intestinal flora, especially during pregnancy. When you are troubled by constipation during pregnancy, but afraid to use drugs, it is the best choice to easily solve the problem of constipation.

In the Face of Controversy, Should We Intake Iodized Salt?

As the incidence of thyroid diseases increases in recent years, people begin to have doubts on the intake of iodized salt. And the emergence of bamboo salt, lake salt, Himalayan rose salt and other new salts also provokes people to contemplate on the choice of edible salt and remain unpersuaded of the use of iodized salt.

Things You Don't Know About Vitamin A

Although we all know that vitamin supplements are important, there are always some small key points that are overlooked, such as vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency in children is one of the four major nutritional diseases in the world. It has been recognized by WHO as one of the four major nutritional deficiencies in the world.