Ofmom Participates in the 2023 CBME Shanghai International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo

Ofmom, a specialized brand in maternal and child healthcare showcased its series of health supplement and cleansing care products in the 22nd CBME Shanghai International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo.

The 22nd CBME Shanghai International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo took place from June 28th to 30th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Spanning 300,000 square meters, the exhibition invited over 3,000 distinguished exhibitors and 4,500 professional maternity, baby and children brands. Among them was Ofmom, a specialized brand in maternal and child healthcare, which showcased its series of health supplement and cleansing care products.

Ofmom presented a variety of its health supplement products, including powdered-type probiotics, probiotic drops, lactase, DHA, calcium, zinc and more. In addition, they also exhibited the infant formula brands, such as Mengguaiguai, Runermei and Ofmom Liquid Formula. The daily care brands, such as Sanita-Denti oral care, U-ZA cleansing, and skin care products were also displayed.

Ofmom divided its booth into two separate sections for Healthcare Supplements and Daily Care. It also effectively delivered the brand’s philosophy and product strengths through its tone and manner.

With “All-round care service for babies” in mind, Ofmom has expanded its products lines to cater to the specific needs of Chinese mothers. Especially, Ofmom’s flagship product, Ofmom Baby Formula Mate, has gained popularity among Chinese mothers due to its excellent texture, formulation and functionality. It is also regarded for excluding harmful ingredients like fragrance and sucrose that could negatively impact a baby’s health.

During the fair, Mamilove has proved popular amongst Chinese consumers. Not only partner companies, but also new customers were fascinated by the products, and visited the booth to learn more about.

During the expo, Ofmom garnered attention from Chinese consumers. Both partner companies and new customers were captivated by the products and visited the booth to learn more about them. Ofmom collaborated with Italian and Korean research teams to launch a new baby probiotics drop, enhancing its formulation. This specially formulated products are allergen-free and upgraded strain content through patented technologies. The SynterAct and Kiddie One series from Italy attracted numerous new and existing customers and clients.

For those unable to attend the event, Ofmom conducted a live stream in collaboration with Baobaoshu, introducing the booth and its products. The lives stream featured special guests Zheng Dehong, General Manager of Coree Beijing’s Business 1 Department, and Zhang Zhao, Vice President of Ofmom Infant Formula Marketing Department. Having them present, Ofmom raised awareness among consumers about the strengths of its brands and products.

Mengguaiguai, one of Ofmom’s flagship brands, also received significant attention. Zhang Zhao explained that Meng is a baby formula brand manufactured by the Ofmom Manufacturing Plant, established in Zhangjiakou by the Hanmi Group. This year, Mengguaiguai successfully completed the registration process for baby formula in China. The selling points of the new Mengguaiguai are intestinal health enhancement and isomerized lactose. The powdered milk is carefully packaged in high-quality, nitrogen-filled vacuum double-layer PE film bags to minimize contact with moisture and oxygen, which ensures the freshness of the product. Additionally, the new Mengguaiguai baby formula offers a natural milk flavor, effectively reducing the odor of DHA while increasing its content. The new version of Mengguaiguai has tripled the dissolution rate at the same water temperature through adjustments in the production processes and ingredients.

Zheng De-Hong, General Manager of the Business 1 Department, said, “This year’s exhibition attracted a significant number of customers, providing us with more opportunities to promote the brand.” In the second half of the year, Ofmom plans to release a lactase product imported from the United States to alleviate lactose intolerance. Furthermore, Ofmom will introduce food and supplies for older children.

In the recent pregnancy and childcare market, an increasing number of individuals from the 90s generation and Generation Z are emerging, resulting in a stronger demand for high-end and sophisticated childcare products.

Ofmmom has continuously strived to understand, meet and discover the new needs of pregnant women and infant consumers, establishing a premium product cluster. By seizing product development opportunities and proactively responding to the market, Ofmom aims to build a maternal and child health ecosystem with star products such as Ofmom Baby Formula Mate, Mengguaiguai infant formula, and U-ZA cleanser, and to further enrich consumers’ families.