Battle the Summer Heat with Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Tablets for Optimal Calcium Supplementation

Calcium is widely recognized as one of the most vital minerals for human health.

Summer is a prime season for children growth and development. With increased physical activity and sweating, parents must remain vigilant about the loss of calcium and other essential minerals in their children’s bodies. Calcium supplementation is crucial to facilitate optimal height development.

Calcium is widely recognized as one of the most vital minerals for human health. Daily calcium intake is important as insufficient or excessive levels may have repercussions on growth and overall well-being. Since the human body cannot produce calcium on its own, external intake through dietary sources is essential. Simply put, you need to "eat" the right food.

Presently, the most recommended calcium sources for children are dairy products, especially milk, followed by soy products, fish, shellfish, and green vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, radish, and spinach—all of which are abundant in calcium. These options are also beneficial to child’s digestive and absorption systems, promoting their growth and development.

However, if dietary calcium intake falls short of a child’s growth requirements, parents need to consider calcium supplementation through tablets. A multitude of calcium supplement products available on the market may leave parents perplexed and unsure of which one to choose. Nonetheless, the key to effective calcium supplementation lies in its function to “direct calcium to the bones”. If calcium fails to reach the bones, then the supplementation becomes futile.

To ensure calcium effectively reaches the bones, assistance of vitamin K2 is indispensable. Vitamin K2 activates osteocalcin, and grab calcium from bloodstream and direct it into the bones. This process enhances bone cell activity, stimulates bone formation, all of which foster children’s growth and development.

Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablets is a calcium supplement that is specially designed for children and adolescents aged 4 to 17. Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablets features a three-in-one supplement containing vitamin K2, vitamin D3, and calcium carbonate. This combination enhances calcium absorption and directs calcium to the bones, ensuring to support children’s calcium needs and healthy growth. Plus, its teddy bear-shaped calcium tablets boast a sweet fruit flavor and appeal to children.

By choosing a calcium tablet specially formulated for children that aligns with their growth and development and then guiding them to develop healthy eating habits, it can foster more efficient and effective growth for the children.


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