Build Healthy Bones for Kids with Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablets

Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our body. It helps build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our body. It helps build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Especially, adolescence is a critical period of taking proper amount of calcium due to increased dietary requirements for growth and development. Insufficient calcium intake may cause leg cramps, convulsions, slow growth, poor teeth development, X-shaped legs, O-shaped legs, etc.

However, as modern people are prone to consume a high-sugar and high-salt diet, the risk of calcium loss has increased. Excess sugar consumption depletes vitamins and minerals from the body’s metabolism, so it may end up causing vitamin deficiency and calcium deficiency. Too much salt can also lead to bone weakening. This is because too much sodium tend to decrease calcium reabsorption and increase calcium excretion.

In addition to the high-sugar and high-salt diet, you may also need to pay attention to acetic acid and fatty acid. Acetic acid reacts with calcium carbonate to produce calcium acetate, which decreases calcium absorption. Therefore, when consuming vegetables with high acetic acid, such as spinach, it is better to blanch them in water to destroy acetic acid. Fatty food also affects calcium absorption. Fatty acids (especially saturated fatty acids) can bind to calcium as insoluble substances in the gastrointestinal tract, reducing calcium absorption.

Apart from dietary aspect, how calcium supplementation is done in our body is another thing to check. Calcium should be absorbed into the bones to function well in our body, and to maintain healthy growth. To do this, you need vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 activates a protein called matrix GLA and helps carry the calcium into the bones.

However, vitamin K2 is hard to get from our diets. Vitamin K2 is mainly found in animal intestines, egg yolks, animal fats and fermented food. So, you may need to consider to take additional supplements rather than fully relying on dietary intake.

Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablets contain vitamin K2, which benefits bone calcium, high calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 that promotes calcium absorption.

In terms of safety matters, Mamiai Calcium Vitamin KD Chewable Tablet has obtained the dietary supplement certification mark (G202134000086). This supplement offers orange-flavored chewable tablet with teddy bear shape, which is suitable for children.