Should you give young babies water during hot weather?

The hot weather can bring a whole host of problems when it comes to babies and young children. Keeping them cool and shaded in the day is one thing, before you even start with what to dress them in for bed. With the rising temperatures come rising concerns over whether they are getting enough fluid to keep hydrated in the heat.

Parenting Tips: How To Wake Up Sleeping Baby For Feeding

Young children need special care. To keep the baby healthy, many parents take full care of them, which also includes feeding from time to time. There is no fixed timetable for sleeping and waking up of the babies, due to which many times they stay asleep even after feeding time. In such a situation, parents are confused whether to wake up the baby or not.

Why you shouldn’t stress about your kid being a picky eater

Picky eating is one of those challenges that’s practically guaranteed to make parents go bananas. Not only is it frustrating to cook a healthy meal, have your child refuse it and then get into a battle of wills, but behind that frustration can be real concern — is my child getting all the nutrients they need to grow and develop?

High blood pressure during pregnancy can warn of heart disease risk years later

More evidence suggests pregnancy is a kind of stress test for the heart, revealing a woman’s pre-existing predisposition for a heart attack or stroke years after giving birth. Women who developed high blood pressure while pregnant had a 63% increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease later in life, researchers reported this month in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

How can you tell if your baby has an allergy? Five signs to look out for

Knowing when you’re allergic to something is important, so you can take steps to avoid a reaction. But when babies and toddlers can’t communicate their discomfort like adults would, how can you tell if something might be aggravating them?