The Right Way to Take Calcium to Grow Taller!

Calcium plays a vital role in our body. Whether in babyhood, adolescence, adulthood, or old age, we all need calcium to keep the body healthy.

Ofmom 2022 National Partnership Strategy Conference Recap: Build Rapport and Set Clear Goals

From August 1-3, Ofmom 2022 National Partnership Strategy Conference was held in Zhangjiakou, China.

A Trick for Child Growth - Mamiai Calcium and Vitamin K&D Chewable Tablets

You may think your kids are taking the appropriate amount of calcium through calcium-rich food and calcium supplements. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your kids are completely f...

Mamiai Calcium and Vitamin K&D Chewable Tablets Bumps Up Calcium Intake

With the summer heat and increase in outdoor activities, it’s important to replenish your kids’ nutrient intake. Especially, calcium serves a critical role in bone health and child developmen...

Mengguaiguai Enhances Your Baby's Nutrient Absorption

Many parents would feel anxious about how to go about choosing a baby formula. As baby formula is an important source of nutrition for babies, they may worry if it hinders the baby’s growth...

A Perfect Calcium Supplement for Kids, Mamiai Calcium and Vitamin K&D Chewable Tablets

To provide a sufficient amount of calcium to children, it is recommended to take calcium supplements. Then, what kind of calcium must they take? And how to take? To discover this, we ne...

Boost Your Beauty and Health with Yijiayi B420 Probiotics Supplement

Yijiayi, a probiotics brand of Ofmom, a company specializing in infant and intestinal health, has launched Yijiayi B420 probiotics supplement that can help burn fat and lose weight.

Keep your baby’s intestinal flora healthy with Mengguaiguai

Many parents feel anxious about choosing a “right” infant formula. They might be overwhelmed by the choices when standing in the baby aisle stacked with all different kinds of brands and foo...

Life Ofmom APP Won the Double at 2022 Indigo Design Award

Life Ofmom APP, the entry of COREE CHINA, has won the silver prize in the category of Mobile App and the bronze prize in the category of UX, Interface & Navigation.